Another Vibrant Possibility for Huntington’s Disease Treatment

– March 17th, 2022

Novartis Pharmaceuticals is recruiting participants for their phase IIb clinical trial called VIBRANT-HD. This study will investigate the huntingtin lowering drug Branaplam, which was originally developed for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a devastating paediatric genetic disease.

Novartis will test Branaplam in patients with early manifest HD to check the safety of the drug in HD and learn what is the right dose to lower huntingtin, the harmful protein.

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Updates about Roche GENERATION-HD1 and Tominersen: it’s not over until it’s over

– February 3rd, 2022

The pharmaceutical company Roche has recently shared with the HD community further details about the phase III clinical trial GENERATION HD-1. This clinical trial involved nearly 800 HD patients from around the world and stopped dosing in March 2021 following the advice from an Independent Data Monitoring Committee. 

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