Moving Forward: Hei Norway!

– Written by the Moving Forward Team on June 7th 2023 

The Moving Forward project has just started to operate in Norway. The European Huntington Association is working in close collaboration with the Norwegian Huntington Association, Landsforeningen for Huntingtons sykdom, to better understand the needs of the younger generations impacted by Huntington’s disease and provide them with adequate support and information.

The Moving Forward team has a new Project Coordinator in Norway, Julie Skarberga freshly graduated nurse from an HD family who is extremely motivated to make a difference in her community.

Julie shared with us some thoughts about her engagement with the Moving Forward project:

“My expectations for the project are that we reach out to more young people so that they can gain new knowledge about HD and stay updated about what’s going on in HD research. I also want this project to increase the knowledge of healthcare professionals since they are in direct interaction with Huntington’s disease patients.”

The Moving Forward team also asked Geir Viksund, the President of the Norwegian HD Association, to share with us his expectations for this project:

“As leader of the Norwegian HD Association, I would like to express my gratitude for participating in this important project. We are also incredibly happy that Julie will be the Norwegian representative in the project. In Norway, there is already a lot of good work among young people, and we hope that through the project we will reach even more people. Thanks to EHA for the initiative and we look forward to an excellent collaboration.”

Following the steps taken in Russia, Spain and Belgium, we will start by assessing the specific needs of the HD community in Norway, so that we can plan truly meaningful actions for the local families based on the information they supply. We have designed a short survey which will be circulated online over the next few weeks. The survey has two main goals:

  • To better understand what the younger generations from families impacted by Huntington’s disease in Norway want from HD Associations
  • To learn about the experiences of the Norwegian HD community regarding research participation

The survey is completely anonymous, easy to fill and brief. Thus, if you are from an HD family, you live in Norway and you want your voice to be heard, please use this opportunity to share your needs, worries and wishes with us!

Take the Survey and Help Us to Learn More
about the Norwegian HD Community!

The European Huntington Association and the Moving Forward team are delighted with this new collaboration and extremely eager to do relevant teamwork with the Norwegian HD community!