Paper about Moving Forward published on the Journal of Personalized Medicine

Written by the Moving Forward Team on September 20th 2021

The EHA has recently published a paper entitled “Perceptions about Research Participation among Individuals at Risk and Individuals with Premanifest Huntington’s Disease: A Survey conducted by the European Huntington Association” on a special issue of the Journal of Personalized Medicine dedicated to Huntington’s disease.

This article documents the main findings of our early work during the preparatory phase of Moving Forward, “Let’s Start Moving Forward”, that run between October and December 2020. The primary goal of this phase was to create a good knowledge base to plan meaningful actions that could later be implemented at a country level.

During this time, the EHA collected multiple data about the factors that may influence the willingness of people at risk and people with premanifest HD to participate in research and clinical trials.

Information was gathered in five different ways:

Because we thought that this information could provide a significant contribution to understanding research participation in HD, we decided to prepare a scientific paper about this work, paying special attention to the survey results. A graphical summary of our paper is depicted here.