Presentation of the Project "Moving Forward" in Khabarovsk , Russia

Written by the Moving Forward Team on September 6th 2021

The project «Moving Forward» is being spread in Russia! The second  city to present the project was Khabarovsk, that is situated in the Far East of Russia. On July 24th , 2021 in a warm and comfortable atmosphere at the “Khabarovsk City” boutique-hotel during the interregional “School of Health”, organized by the center “Orphan People”, 12 HD  family members and 12 neurologists from Khabarovsk  gathered together to discuss topical questions that bother members of HD families:

Great progress has been achieved in HD research over the last decade  and more and more companies are involving in HD treatment/cure development. New compounds and therapies are being developed and are to be clinically tested. There is an increasing interest and need for people at risk for HD and with premanifest HD to participate in research studies to develop preventive treatment prior to the onset of disabling symptoms.

So the launch of the “Moving Forward” project is quite actual as the project meets the needs of the modern HD community.