Webinar about HD Research Updates for the HD communities living in the Nordic Countries

– Written by the Moving Forward team on November 3rd 2023

The European Huntington Association/Moving Forward Team is organizing a Webinar about HD Research Updates for the HD communities living in the Nordic CountriesThe Webinar will be on November 22nd, at 18:00 CET and it will be held in Norwegian.

The topic of HD research was one of the main topics coming out of a survey we have recently done to understand the needs of the Norwegian HD community. The survey showed us that HD families definitely want to learn more about HD research, they feel comfortable with the online format as it brings down the geographical distance and they would like to have more information in their native language, to avoid any language barriers.

Some weeks ago, during the EHA conference in Belgium, we understood that this need from the Norwegian families is shared by many other HD communities. Therefore, we thought it would be a nice idea to involve other North European countries, since besides sharing similar needs, worries and wishes, these countries share one very important thing – language.

Astri Arnesen, the President of the European Huntington Association, will speak about What’s happening in the world regarding HD research and Lasse Pihlstrøm, a Norwegian HD neurologist and researcher, will speak about What’s happening in Norway regarding HD studies and trials, and Åsa Petersén, an HD neuropsychiatrist and researcher based in Lund, will speak about what’s happening in Sweden regarding HD research. During the webinar, there will be plenty of time to answer any questions from the webinar attendees.

The Moving Forward team believes this is a unique opportunity for all HD families living in the Nordic countries to connect and learn about HD research without language barriers and in a plain and family-friendly way. Hope you can join us! 

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