Ensayo PROOF HD - Resultados preliminares de la investigación con Pridopidina

– May 27th, 2022

The European Huntington Association and Moving Forward team, together with Prilenia and the Spanish Federation of People Affected by HD (FEPAEH), organised this webinar for the Spanish-speaking community to learn more about the preliminary results of the pridopidine clinical trial conducted by Prilenia.

Online conversartion with french adventurer Dimitri Poffé

– August 1st, 2022

This conversation with Dimitri helped us to understand much better the reality of HD families in Latin America, the difficulties, and serious needs they have according to the country where they live, and the relevance of having organizations that can provide information, support and resources to this community.

How can we get involved in drug development?

– November 16th, 2020

Moving Forward is a new project by the European Huntington Association (EHA) aiming to engage more people from Huntington’s disease families in research and to prevent unnecessary delays in drug development due to the slow recruitment of participants in clinical studies. In this webinar Astri Arnesen, president of the EHA, and Filipa Júlio, new project manager of Moving Forward, will present the project. They will speak about the reasons why EHA has decided to have a specific plan to help Huntington families become more involved in clinical studies.