Uncomplicating research for the HD Community

On November 12th 2022, the European Huntington Association / Moving Forward team in collaboration with AVAEH – Asociación Valenciana de Enfermedad de Huntington and the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe held the 2nd Moving Forward meeting in Spain. This event was focused on HD research, since this was the main topic people said they wanted to hear about in future events. we were able to bring together a fantastic group of Spanish clinicians and researchers who are completely committed to providing the best care possible to HD families and to finding effective therapeutic options for those impacted by HD, and here are the videos of their presentations.

Opening session of the Moving Forward event in Valencia

– January 17th, 2023

The Scientific Director of IIS La Fe, Guillermo Sanz Santillana, the General Director of Pharmacy and Medical Devices of the Valencian Community, José Manuel Ventura Cerdá, and the President of the European Huntington Association, Astri Arnesen, opened the meeting. 

Research Update Session - Carmen Peiró

– January 17th, 2023

Carmen Peiró, the HD neurologist of La Fe Hospital in Valencia, presented the scientific updates about the ongoing HD studies ands trials that were announced at the EHDN Conference in Bologna.

Personal testimonials from members of the Huntington's community

– January 17th, 2023

We could not have a meeting about HD research without listening to the first-hand experiences of HD patients and families, so we were honoured to have three testimonies: Maria Jar, Ruth Gutierrez y Asunción Martínez shared their amazing personal stories related to HD. 

Visit to the Worm Lab at La Fe Institute in Valencia

– January 17th, 2023

With Ana Pilar Gómez, Andrea Carranza and Rafael Vázquez 

Visit to the Genetic Station at La Fe Institute in Valencia

– January 17th, 2023

With Chema Millán 

Visit to the Biobank Station at La Fe Institute in Valencia

– January 17th, 2023

With Raquel Amigo

Visit to the Enroll-HD Station at La Fe Institute in Valencia

– January 17th, 2023

With Asunción Martínez, Francisco Castera, Selene Capodarca and Claudia Perandones

Future plans of Moving Forward

– January 17th, 2023

With Ruth Blanco