Moving Forward in Spain

– Written by the Moving Forward Team on November 3rd 2021

The European Huntington’s Association welcomes Spain as a new addition to its international project “Moving Forward”. After the presentation of the project in Russia during this Summer,  Spain is the second country to join this initiative.

After several months of work, we are very happy to announce that the project in Spain will finally start during the last quarter of 2021.

One of the main goals of this project is to create a dedicated space for younger HD family members, where people at risk for  Huntington’s disease and assymptomatic people with a positive genetic result (prodromal/premanifest phase), can approach a multidisciplinary team and have a setting where they can address their specific concerns and needs, with the support of the European Huntington’s Association.

The person that will coordinate the “Moving Forward” project in Spain is Ruth Blanco,  President of ACHE, Asociación Corea de Huntington Española You can find her contact details here.

During the next months we will be working on different initiatives that we will be sharing with the Huntington’s disease community in Spain, which we invite with great enthusiasm, to be an active part of this new project.