The Moving Forward project presented at Trinity College Dublin

– Written by the Moving Forward team on June 18th 2024

One month ago, the Moving Forward team was invited by the Archaeology Department of the Trinity College Dublin to participate in the workshop “Connecting Threads: Archaeology, Heritage and Community Wellbeing”.

These were two days plenty of food for thought about the many possible ways to bring together distinct fields of knowledge with one goal – to provide better support to the
community and improve their quality of life and mental health through less conventional approaches.

We learned about many interesting projects taking place in Ireland, Italy or Cyprus, involving families with Huntington’s disease, but also other groups, such as people with Alzheimer’s disease, elderly, children or college students.

We were particularly impressed with the good results of actions involving photography, votive offerings, tailored tours to museums, the concept of slow art and community-based excavations to facilitate engagement with the local heritage.

We had the chance to present some of the Moving Forward actions, speak about the main HD challenges and discuss potential ways to use archaeology, heritage and arts to provide better support and information to families impacted by Huntington’s disease.

We left Dublin extremely inspired by the results of this confluence of knowledge fields, with our head loaded with lots of new information about potential new ways to serve the HD community.

We would like to thank Giorgos Papantoniou, Francesco Ripanti, Christine Morris and Giulia Osti for their warm welcome and for organizing such an interesting event! To be continued…