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Testing Positive fo...
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Testing Positive for HD

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Here you can share your thoughts, experiences, comments, and questions about coping with an HD diagnosis – e.g., what are the biggest challenges, how do you deal with the several uncertainties, who and what helped you handle this information, etc.

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I have put comments on my journey thru genetic testing. No matter how many sessions of counselling I had it didn’t prepare me for the news of being positive. It was still like hitting a brick wall. I wouldn’t change the fact that I tested. For me not knowing would have weighed more on me then knowing I’ll be affected. After the test, 14 years ago I put it out of my mind for about 2 years. I then decided I needed to learn as much as possible about HD. I wanted to be in some sort of control. I have always believed knowledge is power. I was able to retire early, at 55 and concentrate on myself. Exercise, rest when needed, advocacy. This has been my path but we are all different 


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